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Stephen R. Williamson 

Replica Model Mouthpiece 

"This mouthpiece, the result of many years of collaboration, is grounded in a vocal and expressive approach to the art of clarinet performance.  The fact that we share admiration for that tradition has been the motivation and inspiration for bringing this project to fruition".  

~James Pyne

"The new Williamson model is the ideal combination of depth of tonal color and clarity of response. It allows me to push the orchestral envelope by achieving richness of tone in every register, unparalleled resonance and technical virtuosity."  

~Stephen Williamson


 "This was Mr. Williamson's solo debut with the (Chicago Symphony) orchestra and he could hardly have chosen a work better suited to his considerable abilities. One admired the rippling ease of his ascents to the high register and deep into the clarinet's mellow chalumeau depths, along with the rich, purling quality of his sound in general."

John Von Rhein, Chicago Tribune Music Critic
Review of Stephen Williamson's performance of the Mozart
Clarinet Concerto with  the Chicago Symphony Orchestra,
February 2016

Jim and Steve working 

Kyle, Jim, and Steve


LONG RENOWNED FOR BEAUTY OF TONE, Pyne Signature mouthpieces have been used to win principal clarinet positions in many of the finest orchestras in the world including Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and the Metropolitan Opera.  

Numerous faculty careers in academia have been supported by Pyne mouthpieces at institutions such as Julliard, the Eastman School, Northwestern, and Indiana Universities. 

Each mouthpiece is HAND-FINISHED and bears the Pyne signature, personally hand engraved.  All signature models are available with medium-close, medium, medium-open or custom facings.  Crafted from finest hard rubber, they are fully hand-finished, extensively play tested, and prepared with the Pyne/Clarion composite facing technique.  These mouthpieces have been developed throughout the many years of Mr. Pyne's professional life; first as principal clarinet of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra for over 20 years and then as professor of clarinet at The Ohio State University.

SIGNATURE MODEL INFORMATION:  The Signature models have evolved as a result of direct work with distinguished professional clarinetists, including many studio sessions, for over 40 years. These mouthpieces represent Mr. Pyne's reaction, reflected in design characteristics, to the individual differences, both physiological and artistic, of many performers. That these clarinetists were not satisfied with the status quo fueled a process of collaboration in search of a more warm and expressive tone quality. So, in large part, the Signature models represent various routes to the same destination, beauty of tone! And, indeed, enhancing vocal beauty has been a goal in shaping every individual model. Each must have the "Pyne" sound!

Too little resistance can be as harmful as too much.
It's very important to find the resistance that's friendly to your voice!



moderate resistance

low to moderate resistance

low to moderate resistance



Bel Canto
low to moderate resistance

moderate resistance
liberal air flow

variable resistance
liberal air flow



The new SONATA is an outstanding hard rubber mouthpiece affordable to all! Our hand-finished Sonata fills the concert hall for professional level clarinetists and encourages excellent development in young players. The medium facing is well proven by top performers and  educators.



      Clarinet:  $54.99
      Alto Sax:  $67.99



Bass Clarinet